Second Leo New Moon and United States Solar Eclipse 2017

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 occurring on August 21st will bring in high rates of expansion and many radical changes that will affect the future of Gaia.

Sun in Leo has been radiating the fixed energy of the fire element all of August and is now concerned with cleansing and purification of the Divine Masculine. This energy can best be used to clear blockages in spiritual connection, cut chords with all that no longer serves the soul, and learn confidence in creative self-expression. However, Sun in Leo is also prone to Ego games and when unconscious can become “trigger happy”, impulsive and over dramatic. Tempers will flair and both creation and destruction are in the forecast.   

As Sun in Leo falls behind Moon in Virgo (“The Virgin of the Soul”) a call to cleanse Divine Feminine energy will be felt by all. The Moon and her powerful influence of the subconscious will assist in revealing deeply hidden truths and purifying the soul for rebirth. Examination of old wounds will provide light into how to transform pain into empathy and divine love for all. Allow the emotion to flow, but beware of subconscious reactions that can cause lasting harm.

Mercury in Virgo and in retrograde will bring deep reflection into the soul and areas of communication. This a good time to set new standards for living and establish healthy boundaries with others. Lack of self-love or love for others can set subconscious chaos, error and destruction into motion with ease.

Focus on the energy of Earth and ground for protection.

The Moon’s North Node will also connect Mars and Saturn with Uranus, the Moon, and the Sun– a GRAND FIRE TRINE. This triples the amount of fire energy present and indicates a time of massive karmic cleansing. This can certainly start to feel chaotic and unsettling fast, but keep in mind that change only occurs when one is no longer complacent with reliving the same cycles. This trine will encourage revolutionary action and creative expression of Self.

With Sun in Leo, Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Virgo, Mercury in Retrograde, and a Grand Fire Trine- there is no doubt that this Solar Eclipse is a major event. Focus on balancing Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy, the heart and the mind, and on creating the reality you wish for. The power lies within every individual that awakens to Universal Truth.

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