Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon: Opposites in One

Wednesday, September 6th
Sun in Virgo with Moon in Pisces creates an interesting picture today as these are opposite signs and of the elements Earth and Water.

These signs are 2/3 that are most closely tied to karma as well.

Pisces is known for ending past karmic life cycles, while Virgo is known for     purifying the Ego.

Lets take a look at the polarity of Virgo and Pisces:
PISCES’ creative imagination – and – VIRGO’s practical attention to details.
PISCES’ emotional approach to life – and – VIRGO’s analytical approach.
PISCES’ desire to operate on faith – and – VIRGO’s logical strategy.
PISCES’  otherworldliness – and – VIRGO’s earth plane clarity.
PISCES’ compassionate service – and – VIRGO’s practical idealism.
PISCES’ attunement to music/art – and – VIRGO’s inclination toward natural healing techniques.
PISCES’ innate sense of faith in the Divine – and – VIRGO’s fear of the void
You see now that Pisces and Virgo are quite different, but together the two form some of life’s most necessary inner and outer balances.
(This is true with all signs and their opposites)
Today, that balance is for all of us to find as we move forward.
Side note:
Mars entered Virgo on September 5th.
Mars has influence on how we assert our energy and confront challenges.
Allow Virgo to strengthen your physical and intuitive awareness with Earth.
Keywords: practical, grounded, durable, secure, reliable, connected
“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind”
– African Proverb
With love,
Meagan Nicole


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