17 Questions for Astrology Readings

1. What cycle of life is ending and which is beginning?
2. Why do I feel strong urges to act and react certain ways?
3. How can I become more aware of what I am creating in my life?
4. What karmic factors are present in my birth chart?
5. What did my connection with the cosmos look like at birth?
6. Why do I feel like I am not accepted by others?
7. What elemental archetypes are present in my soul?
8. Why do I experience a pull to the past and/or future?
9. What kind of person do I seek to become through effort?
10. Why have I experienced struggles with _____?
11. What kind of activities will best help with growth?
12. How much yin and yang do I have in me?
13. Which of my chakras do I need to work on right now?
14. How can I transform negative energy?
15. Where can I find faith in a higher purpose?
16. How can I let go of old psychological and behavioral patterns?
17. In what ways can I better connect with my loved ones?



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