Today: New Moon in Virgo Sun ♍️ Libra Moon ♎️

Virgo Sun (the “Virgin of the Soul”) has been with us all month long; helping purify the soul with her insight and   analyzation; and finding the roots of toxic emotions.

I believe these transits are perfect for the coming of a collective rebirth, and the true beginning of the new Age of  Aquarius (love for all of humanity).

It is likely that this will begin on        September 23rd; when Jupiter (the planet of growth and expansion through higher wisdom) comes in front Virgo Sun.

When a New Moon (the physical astronomical phase) is present in Virgo Sun, we must learn to be creative with       financial matters. Old ways of making money are no longer working and will soon collapse to be renewed.

Today and the next few days are ideal for being practical and planting seeds.

Mercury, Venus, Mars are also in Virgo; amplifying the impact of her energy on the whole.

The seeds we plant now will affect what we sow during the harvest.

Moon in Libra will also help for a couple of days by bringing new balance and clarity into the subconscious.

Moon in Libra knows that even               opposites attract and can find a way to compromise.

This is the time to begin anew!

With love and light,

Meagan Nicole



(For individual readings send me an email through my contact page or text me at 225-210-3374)



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