Sun in Libra Season ♎️

Virgo energy has been  powerful for the last month; helping us analyze the roots of core issues and reflect on what practical measures are needed in order to become more efficient in life.
Today, a physical balance of day and night will occur around the same time Virgo meets Libra, and the sun shines directly on the equator.
This is symbolic of the way the Soul merges with the Spirit.
All outer balance is a result of what we first do within, and Libra intuitively finds the way there with the heart.
Ruled by Venus (the planet of love),       Libra enjoys wholeness, close relationships, and beauty; striving for compromise by looking at different points of view and being tactful.
People who are still shallow or self-centered will soon see the balance of give and take and how giving to others benefits them in the long run.
Moon enters Scorpio around 3:30pm and provides extra insight as well as an ideal time to shed old skin to begin anew.
Scorpio is all about depth and healing emotional wounds.
Mercury (communication) and Pluto (death and rebirth) also form a trine with Scorpio Moon; bringing the subconscious to light of conscious awareness.
Listen to intuitive messages as they are the Universe speaking in the language of light and wisdom.
Most of all, stay true to your heart and your authentic self.
“The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms.” -Lao Tzu
Many blessings,
Meagan Nicole
Text questions to 225-210-3374


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