Healing the healer: a series

Healing the healer: a series
The New moon in Virgo is all about Healing the healer. Virgo, the virgin mother, birthed Jupiter this weekend. Jupiter is my ruling planet as I Am Sagittarius. Interestingly, my Sun and Moon sign are inversed as I write this. For me it’s my continual confirmation to focus on my yang energy. I have embodied the feminine Now, I shift to love MY masculine. These are MY intentions as I love into healing the healer. Me.
I wish to share with you some of the things I will be doing over the course of Autumn.
I choose to begin my mornings with positive intention. Law of attraction will bring me what I put out.
I AM choosing to focus on one thing I am grateful for every morning. I focus on that for a few minutes. For example, I AM grateful for MY daughter. I love her SPIRIT. I enjoy her forceful nature. She makes me laugh. She teaches me to cry fully. She reminds me to stop and smell the roses, literally, especially the ones growing out of concrete.
I choose one thing to focus on versus making a list so that I can fully invest in the FEELING of gratitude and love. For me this is more powerful than making a list: I am grateful for my daughter, my husband, my doggie, my friends, etc. This type of list takes ME out of feeling.
This shift is already planting seeds for my now and my future.
Next posts for healing the healer my relationship to water, herbs and rituals.
💛 SunShine Bear 🌞

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