The Aries & Libra Polarity

All signs have their opposite sign (or polarity) that seems to synchronistically attract the other in life for lessons.
For Libra that sign is Aries; and as we are all collectively experiencing Libra this month, it is an ideal time to look at these signs for the characteristics within us all that can create balance.
The Libra/Aries Polarity:
Libra’s inner focus – Aries’ outward projection
Libra’s passiveness – Aries’ aggression
Libra’s humility – Aries’ righteousness
Libra’s dependence – Aries’ independence
Libra’s social refinement – Aries’ social impulses
Libra’s love of relaxation – Aries’ love of activity
Let Two Become One ☯️
Also note: Moon is in Capricorn for the next two days! This is a great time for being resourceful and using what you have to create more ♑️
With love,
Meagan Nicole


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