Full Moon in Aries with ♈️ Sun in Libra ♎️

“If nothing saves us from death, may love at least save us from life” -Pablo Neruda
There will be a Full Moon in Aries on October 5th, 2017 at 1:40pm CST.
This is known as the “Warrior Moon”, because Aries is the exaltation of fire without limits; “fire” as in spirit and   energy; and “without limits” as in far-reaching into the cosmos.
Whether this powerful energy is     beautiful or destructive depends on the level of soulwork completed.
Wounds that have not been brought to the surface are likely to cause volatile emotions and anger will be more easily and even harshly expressed.
Beware of making statements that can lead to a lot of clean up work later on.
When we return to old wounds we are given the chance to grow from them.
Thankfully Sun in Libra conjunct Mercury (communication) in Libra will be there to help those who are seeking balance and compromise find them.
The “bigger” picture will be highlighted for those who can “practice the pause” and new perspectives will be gained to help open the mind to spirit.

Don’t resist the unity. Feel.

Even opposites such as Libra and Aries are pulled towards each other.
This is the time for WE and US.
And no matter how far a person has gone from the light- there is always hope they can unlearn the hatred they carry.
“People often change for two reasons: either you’ve learned enough that you want to change or you’ve been hurt enough that you need to.” -Nishan Panwar
Venus (the planet of love) is the ruler of Libra; and Mars (the planet of intense passion) is the ruler of Aries. Let their unity remind us now that love and passion can revolutionize the world.
Many blessings 💛
Meagan Nicole
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