Healing the Healer part 2


The full Moon in Aries and the sun shift to Libra has me going:

ARIES fire says ~ I shine light on your darkness. NOW is the time to claim your life.

I say~ OK let’s play. 🔥

Aries~ Let go of fear and gain confidence. What are you scared of?

I say~ ugh.

I took me a while and some real digging in myself to see that I was afraid of being attacked. By men.

I have lived in fear of men attacking me.

There is a root memory. A moment in childhood that I choose to relive so that I can REVIVE myself.

I HEAL the healer. Hear ME say I HEAL.

So now flows my confidence?

Aries ~ Nope. Not yet.

Me~ WHY!  I see the wound. The cause. The effects.

[enter Libra]

Libra: I see your righteous anger. Let go of anger and gain forgiveness.

I feel confident in my anger. They hurt me. I get to be angry.

Libra ~ Balance. If they cause your anger, they are still in control.

Me ~ [insert eye roll] So now what?

Libra ~ Balance fire

Me~ [insert big eyes and sense of pride] WATER

So here are my water rituals:

* I bless my drinking water. I think and say positive words to my glass of water before I drink it. Most of the time I write the word on my glass with a dry erase marker. Dr. Emoto has some amazing studies on what happens to you water when you do this.

Watch, https://youtu.be/au4qx_l8KEU

Read, http://highexistence.com/water-experiment/


Fact or fiction, I have fun doing it and I am saying Love, JOY, Gratitude, Peace every morning. And when my 3 year old daughter asks if she can bless my water, I am instantly on cloud 9.

* I meditate in the shower.

“Water cleanse my body of what no longer serves me. My soul is pure. I AM LOVE.”

Some times my feels get me. And I cry with the water showering over my hair. And that’s cool too. Crying gets the sad out of ya.

* Epson salt baths


People ARE always talking about my hair. 😂

I am sure I have more water rituals that I’m forgetting. I love water. It is also an element missing from my birth chart. Guess who told me that. Get a birth chart reading from Meagan.

Information = transformation





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