Healing the Healer part 3

This one is taking me on a wave of resistance. It’s not flowing the way I like.

It feels stuck.

So today, I decided to unstick myself. Peel off the, well, ugh. This healing stuff is beautiful but also quite powerful. So at times we expand and at times we contract. It’s part of the whole love yourself at all stages lesson.

How did I get unstuck?

A little self-love talk. And Earth!

I have an abundance of fire and, if you’ve been reading, you know I am focused on water. So, next comes earth.

Laying in the grass instantly makes me feel supported and connected. We spend so much time feeling disconnected. Phones, computers and such. Cars, freeways and concrete. I get so separated from nature that touching it instantly makes me reconnect.

Lili, my three AND A HALF year old, is very good at reminding me to stop and smell the roses, daisies, oleanders,  sunflowers, this green thingy and that teensy tiny one. At times I remind myself to stop and be JOYFUL of that moment. Choose to really connect to the teensy tiny one. Why? Because it feels good.

When I drive I make an effort to point out beautiful things in nature. It slows me down. It gives driving a meditative purpose. It’s a form of appreciation. Prayer.

I also drink a lot of tea.


I use herbs.


Food is my medicine


This path became clear to me with help from some of my beautiful friends.

Jami Oles, a holistic health practitioner, guided  me through so much of my first year of motherhood. The knowledge I gain is eternally beneficial.

Citrine Joyus, has guided me with healing my family with herbs, essential oils, homeopathy and so much more. So grateful for her inspiration.
Blog.   http://holisticsaffron.com
Facebook group.   Earthy Holistic Mamas

Up next, getting my air.

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