Hello tribe!
I hope you all are feeling positive about the intense transformational energies that have been stirring things up from the depths with Sun and Jupiter transiting in Scorpio.
Tomorrow, Scorpio and Taurus will form a “full circle” and work to become One.
What we experience during every Full Moon is the Sun moving into opposition with the Moon, allowing the subconscious mind (and physical Moon) to be fully illuminated.
The subconscious mind is what stores our emotional responses to our thoughts and past experiences. The accumulation of all that has been stored in the subconscious mind and soul is what we express through our current awareness via the energy of the Sun.
Sun in Scorpio is about feeling, letting go, and transforming outdated patterns.
Moon in Taurus is about grounding, finding the roots of emotion, and building.
How can we combine these opposite signs and energies?
Here are some examples:
Scorpio: I feel revengeful because I have been betrayed
Taurus: I ground and see that revenge can have karmic consequences


Scorpio: I feel like I can’t let this person go although they are not good for me
Taurus: I ground and see that if I don’t let go now I will have to later
Scorpio: I feel like the weight of the world is bearing down on me
Taurus: I ground and see that the sooner I let go the sooner I can rebuild
Scorpio: I feel like my pain will last forever and I will never get better
Taurus: I ground and see that emotions tend to change and fade
Scorpio: I feel like I am drowning in my pain
Taurus: I ground and find my center in myself and nature
Scorpio: I feel like no matter what I do I won’t be good enough
Taurus: I ground and change what I can control through work
Scorpio: I feel like I am the storm
Scorpio reborn: I feel  like I am the lighthouse in the storm
“When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind” – African Proverb
When navigating the storms of life it can be helpful to reconnect with your inner child.
Many times we don’t say what we need until we are empty, exhausted, and at our breaking point.
Then we find ourselves APOLOGIZING for taking care of ourselves!
So when you find yourself trying to find the balance between taking care of others (feminine) and taking care of you (masculine) ask your inner child:
What would I tell my younger self to do in this situation?
Or if you have kids, imagine saying this:
Child: I have been feeling sad and I am tired.
Parent: Keep going. You have too much to do.
That isn’t what we would tell our kids is it?
Now try this:
Child: I have been feeling sad and I am tired.
Parent: Why are you feeling sad? Do you want some food? Do you need to rest?
Remember: We set the standards for the way our children take care of themselves.
Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to take care of yourself?
Here are some helpful self-care activities you can do with your kids:
“I am the lighthouse in the storm” -Gypsy Muse
Many blessings,
Meagan Nicole
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