Sun in Sagittarius Season: Expanding the Inner Spirit with Wisdom

Hello tribe,
I hope you all are enjoying this lovely season! Expanding spiritual energy and uniting as a better collective whole is the theme now for Sun in Sagittarius. Giving to others, spending time with friends and family, creating gifts and memories, and caring for the downtrodden are all things that we normally do more around the holidays; but they are also all actions that expand the light of Spirit within us and all around the world.
Sagittarius is the mutable sign of the fire element. The goal is to purify the spiritual body (or inner spirit) to evolve higher in a process known as Ascension.  To do this, Sagittarius must learn wisdom from past experiences and unite the mind with spiritual consciousness. So as we are approach the end of the year lets reflect on what lessons we have learned about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
The last fire transit we experienced was in the fixed sign of Leo. Take a moment to remember the time from mid-July to mid-August. Did you feel the fiery energy of inner Spirit then? Were you called to a different path on a higher road? Leo taught us to be brave and have courage in pursuing our dreams and fighting for the causes that matter to us.
Then Sun in Virgo season came from mid-August to mid-September and brought everybody back to down to Earth for a little while. Did you experience reflections on your physical world issues such as health and finances? Did you see more about collective issues such as global warming, exhaustion of resources, and pollution? Did you feel called to spend more time in nature and within yourself? The key here was to analyze how the physical world has influence on us all and to find out how service to Earth and humanity can change our current collective reality.
Then Sun in Libra season came from mid-September to mid-October and taught us about mental balance. Did you reflect on the state of your mind and your relationships? Did you realize that physical/material goals are important but love and family are important too? Libra taught us to balance the opposites of life and focus on thoughts of harmony and love. After all, what we think plays a significant role in the reality that we currently experience.
Then Sun in Scorpio season from mid-October to mid-November brought our deepest secrets and darkest parts of our souls out of hiding. Did you see yourself from previously subconscious levels? Was death and rebirth a theme in your life? Scorpio taught us to have greater empathy and transform from the shadows into the light of Spirit with intuition and awareness.
And now as of November 22nd we are here in Sun in Sagittarius. Ready to grow and expand. Learning from previous experience. Allowing wisdom to spark action in the present.  Expanding greater spiritually and collectively by doing the things that bring light to the world. Purifying our spirit with love, respect, and compassion. Creating a more united world where people can live in their authenticity and be respected as individuals. Evolving higher on the Sacred Spiral.

“Aim your arrow and focus within”


~The light within me honors the light within you~

Namaste friends,

-Meagan Nicole




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