Hey tribe,

I hope you all are having a good week and a happy holiday season!

This Sunday the Supermoon will be in Gemini. As always, this will be in opposition to Sun in Sagittarius. The key is to balance the mind and the heart. To not get lost in the chaos of a world that moves too quickly and acts without pausing.world moves too fast.jpgFrom ancient wisdom to modern knowledge, Sagittarius and Gemini know how to “let two become One” as the ancients said. The shadow and awareness. The past and the future. Tradition and nonconformity. These signs flow together and are very creative in their everyday lives. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a good example of this.

balance mind heart

Mercury (the planet of communication) is the ruler of Gemini and Jupiter (the planet of growth) is the ruler of Sagittarius. Both signs are concerned with speaking the truth and more than that- living in truth. Relationships will be tested as what has remained unsaid suddenly feels right to release. Beware of the consequences of anger. It is most effective to not place blame on others and stay focused on finding a balanced solution.


Mercury entering retrograde on this day may actually be a blessing. This slow moving energy causes us to reflect on the way we communicate and could very well slow down the impulsiveness of Sagittarius Sun Gemini Moon. Clear reflection is only possible once the waters (emotions) have calmed and the heart is open to understanding.


For now, Moon is in Taurus and this is the perfect time to ground and prepare. Try to spend some time in nature and allow the calmness to help you sort through mental baggage and renew your energy fields. Making a list of practical ways to apply your wisdom and knowledge in ways that will help you expand is helpful as well.

“Knowledge is like paint. It’s no good until it is applied.” -Unknown


The place in me that is you honors the place in you that is me. 

Namaste ❤

-Meagan Nicole

And as always… if you need extra guidance I am here to help! Send me a message below:





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