New Moon in Sagittarius 11/15-11/16

Tonight and tomorrow, New Moon in Sagittarius will bring an abundance of fire energy into play that will be ideal for manifestation and inspiration! The leader of the sacred spiral, Sagittarius is very familiar with the inner workings of spirit and how to expand, from the core of one’s being to the infinite consciousness of the Universe. This energy is full of abstract thought and wisdom, inspiring us to see life from new and different angles.

Sagittarius could be called “The Shining One”. Facing darkness with courage and determination, Sagittarius shines on with pure vitality. This sign follows their own arrow (heart); the inner compass that leads them back to the light of consciousness and allows them to manifest greatness with love.

Tonight/tomorrow, a total of 6 planets will be in the fire element:

Sun (awareness, projection from within) in Sagittarius

Moon (inner being, emotional self) in Sagittarius

Mercury (preferred way of communication) in Sagittarius

Venus (love and relationships) in Sagittarius

Saturn (concentration, formation, establishment) in Sagittarius

Uranus (change, innovation, forward thought, rebellion) in Aries

Here are some suggestions on how to tune into these wise vibes:

  1. Do some breathwork- Try this. Inhale deeply. When you reach the top of your first breath- note how you feel. This is the moment in which you are the most conscious (or self-aware). Your thoughts cease for a moment as you focus on inhaling the good shit (life energy) and exhaling the bullshit (negativity). Being present helps purify your spirit (fire) and releasing tension can help avoid major blow-ups.


2. Meditate- Mediation is also about silencing the mind to be truly aware- and its much easier than people think!

To try it: Begin with awareness of yourself. How do you feel? Allow your thoughts to come and go. Slowly move your focus from your heart, to the top of your head, then to the tips of your toes. Releasing physical tension. After you are fully aware of your being, slowly  move your focus outward and work on becoming more in tune with your surroundings.

balance rocks

3. Get Active- Walking, jogging, running, dancing- just get moving! When your blood is moving your spirit is moving too. This also releases pent up aggression that can cause you troubles, making  room for new and healthier energy to enter your body.


4. Laugh- Has life been way too serious for the past couple of days? Sometimes finding ways to laugh about the hard situations we are going through can do wonders for our health and help us reignite our inner light that keeps us pushing forward.


5. Speak your truths into existence- Being your authentic self and saying truths you have discovered out loud can have amazing affects on changing old patterns and implementing new ones. Remember, it does not matter what others think about your truths. Speaking them is for YOU!

Affirmations that begin with “I AM” can also help bring insight. Make sure you’re giving your light the love it needs to grow 💛


6. Make a list of intentions- Sagittarius loves being visionary about future plans- and New Moons are the perfect time for setting intentions. Do you want to take a new adventure? Spend time doing something fun with family or friends? Start doing something new everyday? Change jobs? Go back to school? Write down what you would like to accomplish.


7. Study up on ancient wisdom- Philosophy is Greek for “the love of wisdom” and certainly has the power to enlighten the mind with questions. Where did we come from? What is our nature? Has science figured everything out?

“Wisdom is knowing that we don’t everything”

To find out how your birth chart is aligning with the Universe click this link! 

Love and light,

Meagan Nicole

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