Super Blue Blood Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse: The Aquarius/Leo Polarity

On Wednesday morning, a Full Moon will occur as Sun in Aquarius comes into opposition with Moon in Leo, forming a Lunar Eclipse. This is the time when all seeds planted during the New Moon will come into fruition. This will be much a more intense Full Moon than usual, with Mother Moon being closer than it has been since March 31st, 1866, and… well.. Leo coming onto the stage to light up our truths.

Whatever spirit has been trying to tell you in 2018 calls your attention now.

Sun in Aquarius believes in equality, forward-thought, innovation, and friendship. They are always striving to make the world a better place with their knowledge and ability to process large amounts of information quickly and effectively. They also love to argue and prove their knowledge to be true beyond reasonable doubt.

It’s no surprise that those with Leo placements really know how to irk an Aquarian. Leo doubts everything (even beyond reason) and loves a good battle of the wits. Their energy is powerful, dramatic, and full of fiery spirit. Wisdom and life experience take precedence over knowledge, statistics,  and text book answers. When the two can work together for the purpose of creating love in the world, they are far better off than when they are being stubborn and arguing over who is right and who is wrong.

Key balances of life can be found in the middle of these energies:

Leo’s ability to be present in the moment – Aquarius’ ability to bring in the future

Leo’s confidence in individuals – Aquarius’ confidence in groups

Leo’s willpower to get things done – Aquarius’ drive to keep learning

Leo’s understanding of the spirit – Aquarius’ awareness of the mind

Leo’s heart-centered approach to life – Aquarius’ analytical approach to life

Leo’s warmth and attachment – Aquarius’ cool indifference and detachment

Leo’s courage and dignity – Aquarius’ silence and humility

May we be present, but dream of a better future. May we be confident in ourselves, but also be confident in the power of unity. May we get things done quickly, but spend enough time thinking and reflecting in thought. May we balance our minds with our inner spirit. May we live from the heart, while taking our brain with us. May we be warm and courageous, but also know when to be humble and take the high road.

As opposite as Fixed Air and Fixed Fire can be,  and as much as they can bump heads, they can also join forces and become a bright flame that inspires all of humanity with the power of their love and ability to see from outside the box.

The power is yours now to choose what you wish to create in your life.

Think it. Own it. Do it.

With love ❤

Meagan Nicole

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