Full Moon in Libra/Sun in Aries: Polarity Healing in Peace and War

Hey Tribe,

I hope you all are enjoying this start to the New Year! Mercury Retrograde has been hitting sore points for a lot of us, but sometimes it’s also good to slow down, steady ourselves, and take notes on how to be more prepared. Mars in Capricorn is here as well, encouraging us to ground to weather the storm.

On Saturday, March 31st, we will experience the wholeness of Full Moon in Libra opposite Sun in Aries. Two powerful signs with a lot of meaning behind them! This is also the second Full Moon of March, giving new beginnings an added boost, and pointing very obviously to what needs to belong to the past.

This is a time when many are coming into spiritual maturity, and therefore starting to really share their light with others. Libra, the sign of harmony and relationships, reminds us to keep using our minds to bring people together. There is a reason mankind has a mind- to process consciousness. Aries, the sign of self-awareness and new beginnings, reminds us to keep using our hearts and follow the path we are passionate about. As one becomes more aware of the self, balances in relationships become clearer, as does how to lead by example.

Full Moon energy is known to be intense, pulling our darkest shadows out into the light of awareness. DO NOT PARTCIPATE IN EGO GAMES. Anger is only dissolved with compassion. All emotions that arise are meant to be cleared so that you may move forward. The same is true for the emotions of others that you may become subjected to. With Capricorn adding pressure to take charge of the self and reality, power struggles are bound to happen, but recognize that all is not as it appears to be. There is often a challenge underneath.

Before Saturday, prepare for these challenges. Relax and recharge. Venus in Aries Square Chiron in Pisces is a signal that emotional triggers will be pulled and wounds involving relationships will surface to be cleared.

This brings the question: How do we find peace during times of war?

There must be a balance of self-awareness and awareness of others. Independence and codependence. Aggression and acceptance. You cannot control how others behave, but you can control how you respond- if you are present/conscious. Anger can be dissolved with compassion and hate can be replaced with love.

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” -Epictetus

The Aries/Libra Polarity:

Aries’ independence – Libra’s codependence
Aries’ need for action – Libra’s need for relaxation
Aries’ love of war – Libra’s love of peace at all costs
Aries’ aggression – Libra’s consideration of all sides
Aries’ awareness of self – Libra’s awareness of relationship
Aries’ exaltation of spirit – Libra’s reception of spirit

With love and light,

M Nicole

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