Sun in Taurus/Full Moon in Scorpio: Looking at the Roots

Hey Tribe,

I know the last few months have been full of chaos and emotional challenges for many of us, so I thought I would write this blog about the roots of reality (Taurus), and how we as individuals can transform the soul (Scorpio) with self-awareness and love. This is the first Full Moon since Chiron (the Wounded Healer) moved from Pisces (belief) into Aries (self-awareness), so I’m also going to integrate information about perspective into this.

First and foremost, when we are looking at finding balance, we must take into account what the person(s) CAPACITY TO PERCEIVE is.

The three primary levels of soul progression are:

Egocentric (Personality Centered Awareness)

At this level, the individual perceives life as happening to them, not because of them. The mind is only capable of understanding ones own perspective, and the person may often say things like “it’s me against the world,” or, “Why is this happening to me?” The needs of the self are seen as highest in importance and are put before all else. Conflict arises when another person requires anything from a person at this level of perception. The mind listens to the other person’s perspective, but shuts down the other and reverts to self.

Ethnocentric (Personality-Soul Centered Awareness)

This is where duality begins to merge. The person has awakened to the needs of the group and can now see at least 2 perspectives at all times. The needs of the group begin to be seen as more important than the needs of the self. Conflict arises when the needs of the group are not being met. The individual identifies highly with where they grew up, who their friends from high school are, etc. There is still an “us vs. them” complex present. Example: “I’m from the Midwest and we call Coca-Colas “pop”. If you say “soda” and I say “pop” my way is better than yours and you’re the weird one.” Whereas a person who has advanced to the next stage no longer closely identifies with where they came from or who their friends are, as much as they identify with who they are as the person behind their thoughts and what is fair for all involved.

Worldcentric (Soul Centered Awareness)

The individual awakens to the truth that All is One. He/she can try on an unlimited amount of perspectives, truly see people as individuals, and view situations from other people’s eyes. Solutions to conflicts related to the needs of self or the needs of the group are easily found from the observer’s perspective. The person is able to express the needs of the self and needs of the group. Conflict arises when the needs of the world are not being met. The person begins to see they are here to help change the world.

Once we are able to tell what the person’s capacity to perceive is as well as what our own is, it then becomes easier to evolve out of the ego and into the soul centered mindset. It’s important to note that this requires us to not to regress from the soul back into the ego when conflict arises. When faced with conflict, we must remain grounded in own inner light in order to not be swept away by the storm. This is especially hard when the body physically responds to conflict with “fight or flight” responses, rapid heart rate, sweat, negative thoughts about why we should not be faced with the current conflict, how to avoid it, or who’s fault it is. So instead of saying, “Why is this happening to me?,” pause and ask, “What is the Universe trying to teach me right now?” “How can I grow myself to face this?” With enough practice in grounding, the body changes its responses to conflict, the soul begins to open up more, and the mind becomes filled with more positive thoughts and solutions.

“When the roots are strong, there is no reason to fear the wind.”

“Be the lighthouse in the storm”

Blessed be,

M Nicole ❤

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