Sun in Leo/ Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th: Balancing the Heart and Mind

With all of these planets in retrograde many people are fearing this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. It’s okay to relax though. Astrology is much like nature. How this Full Moon and Eclipse will affect you depends on if you choose to be the person who dances in the rain or the person who fears getting a little wet. Are you ready to be honest with yourself about your emotions and embrace them, or are you going to try to avoid your emotions like some avoid getting wet?

During Mercury in Leo, many have experienced a new clarity of thought and greater courage and ease when it comes to making decisions that benefit them. When Mercury in Leo squared Mars in Aquarius earlier this month, there was a challenge to do what is best for the self and others. Now, as Mercury in Leo goes Retrograde tomorrow, you will start to reflect on how you have utilized your energy to do what is best for the highest amount of good. Naturally, this will bring in some self-criticism. Don’t run from it or project what you feel about yourself onto others as something wrong with them. Instead, repeat these words: “Self-criticism is positive if I am positive. It is strength, because it helps me be honest with myself and do better. It’s okay to not be perfect.” Also reflect on how much easier it is to make decisions from your heart. When you are in the present moment, your mind can’t talk you out of doing what you need to do. Studies show that if you decide to do something, you have 5 seconds to act, otherwise your subconscious will distract you from that. And where does fear reside? In your subconscious mind. What brings anxiety? The subconscious mind. What is the subconscious mind good for? Caution. If you feel in your gut that your decision is wrong, trust your intuition, but don’t overthink it. You know. Trust yourself now. Your conscious mind is very aware and is in alignment with your heart in every present moment. It brings a feeling of peace, because you know your actions are serving the highest good for you and others.

During this eclipse you may also find yourself frequently thinking about the state of your life. Leo is encouraging you to speak with your inner child and the lion/lioness within you. Are you living your best life? Are you becoming who you want to be? Are your relationships beneficial for your growth? As you reflect on these questions, allow your memories to flow. Decide what changes have worked for you, and commit to the ones that will help you in the next six months to come. As we move into the colder months, you will need the light of your own soul to keep you warm. What makes your flame burn brighter?
What oppresses your flame and needs to be released so that you can thrive?

As with every Full Moon, this is a time to sit with your shadow long enough to bring the light of awareness into the depths of the unconscious. This can be quite painful, especially if you have avoided the truth, but if you do this, you will emerge a new person with the next rising Sun. So let your love for yourself extend and unite with the love of others and feel the oneness of heart and mind connect within you and create new light ❤

Many blessings,

Meagan Nicole

Other suggestions:
Sage to clear energy in your space
Mediate to bring peace to your mind
Use essential oils to relax your body
Take a salt bath to feel extra cleansed
Use Unakite to ground in self confidence

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