The Astrology Modes: Fixed, Cardinal, and Mutable

In astrology, there are three modes: fixed, cardinal, and mutable. What mode is dominant in a birth chart is just as important as what element is dominant in the chart, and how well the modes are balanced is just as important as how well the elements are balanced. It is important to understand your strongest modes and their placements so that you may utilize them as tools for growth.

The signs ruled by the Fixed Mode are Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio.
The qualities of this mode are unchangeable, rigid, permanent, and resistant to change. Most people have likely observed one of these signs and how they seem to be “set in their ways,” never budging no matter what somebody else says. That is because these people are largely meant to follow their own path- although listening does serve them well, as does as learning discernment. To balance these energies, or transform the negative expressions of each sign into positive expressions, one must put a lot of conscious effort into what they wish to achieve; therefore, with enough consciousness, fixed doesn’t really mean permanent or unchangeable, only very difficult. People who are fixed dominant and unconscious are highly unlikely to see a need for change.

The signs ruled by the Cardinal Mode are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The qualities of this mode are initiating, growth-oriented, dynamic, and open minded. People who are cardinal dominant are always trying to start a new adventure and know they can become good at anything they set their mind to.
Whereas a person who is fixed dominant would likely assume they are not good at something if they try once in fail, or may not even try at all, a person who is cardinal dominant will try and try again until they are good at whatever they want to be good at. Ideally, each person would have this energy in good balance with fixed energy, and would be both willful and growth-oriented. For cardinal signs, it is easier and takes less conscious effort to transform negative expressions of energy into positive ones.

The signs ruled by the Mutable Mode are Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo. The qualities of this mode are flexible, fluctuating, changeable, and fluid. People who are mutable dominant have a hard time staying focused on one thing. Change comes most natural to these signs and they enjoy “going with the flow.” Pressure to stay the same bothers them greatly, as they know an open mind and readiness to become something different can take them a long ways. Because these signs are so free flowing, it is ideal that they have some fixed or cardinal energy in their chart as well so willpower and ambition is easier to tap into than if those are not present. Without fixed or cardinal energy these signs may flow right past their goals. For mutable signs, it is easiest to change negative expressions of energy into positive ones- as long as they can find the willpower to make those changes last and not fall into old patterns.

To find out what mode is dominant in your chart you can search on, do a Pullen Astrology reading on, or consult me 🙂 The benefit of having an astrologer take a look at your chart is that I can also guide you on how to balance each mode with the greatest success and ease.

Love and light,

Meagan Nicole

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