About Me

Meagan Nicole, Astrologer

I wasn’t expecting it at all. Someone randomly offered to do my Birth Chart, and I said yes…Not having any idea how much it would change everything.

I was completely astounded how insightful my astrological chart session was. I was hooked. From that moment forward and up until this day, I’ve been learning everything I can and deepening my understanding of how astrology can empower us and help us uncover the psycho-spiritual dynamics of life here on Earth.

I am very passionate about helping people become empowered with the tools I have discovered, and teaching them how to use those tools to create amazing lives for themselves. I bring my strong intuition to all of my work, which enables me to provide amazing services for seekers looking to harness the transformative power of the cosmos.

I am so confident that you will love the power of astrology as much as I do, that I will not require payment unless you are 100% satisfied!