“I’ve employed the services of a number of astrologers in my 65 years but you, by far, are the best I have come across. I think the reason for this is that you not only have a solid background in astrology but in psychology as well and this is a major plus. You also explain your readings in lay terms which is another big plus. Add to that you have a very friendly, caring and compassionate demeanor which puts your clients at ease. All this adds up to a very professional and effective reading. Both Amanda and I were very impressed with you, not only as a professional but as a wonderful human being. We are very glad to have met you and will definitely use your services in the future.”

-Trabue Gentry

“Meagan makes talking with her very easy, like you’re old friends!! I love how her reading was not only affordable but on point as well!!! I learned some things about myself I did not know, and confirmed some thing I did know, but it was nice to have a “stranger” reconfirm them as well ❤ Thank you for being you! I appreciate you in words that I cannot express!!"

-Amber Reinholz

"My reading with Meagan provided me with much needed insight! I already knew a bit about my sun sign and even a little bit about my chart but she provided much more detail as well as comparing my chart with two others. We had to cut our first session short (due to my schedule) but she was more than willing to schedule a second session and was helpful with questions I had. I can't say enough good things about Meagan, she is such a lovely soul and so easy to relate to and interact with! If you're contemplating a reading, you're in the right place!"

-Lyndsi Carter

"Local in Arizona!!!! Meagan was so spot on, answered all of my questions, and left me with insights I am still processing about my career, relationships, healing, and my health! Wow! Thank you for sharing your gifts Meagan!"

-Leilani Manako

"I would highly recommend a session with Meagan. She's very knowledgeable about astrology and the ways to work within ones chart. I really enjoyed the tidbits of information and suggestions given. It's given me more to work with and to understand more about myself and the energies affecting me. She was a pleasure to work with and the session flowed nicely. Thanks again Meagan!"

-Becky Belcourt

"Impressively floored by the accuracy provided and she detailed major key points that helped give a deeper understanding of my reading and myself. Highly recommends and thank you very much for not only being a great friend, but being a awesome and trusted professional as well!"

-Raven Corvinus

"Meagan was excellent and on point with everything in my chart. I have had my chart done professionally before many years ago. Meagan is loving and down to earth. She will explain everything in lay terms and apply it to your life so that you can use the information to better your life. I can't wait to have another session again. She taught me so much and I look forward to learning more about myself and how the universe works. I love you, Meagan. Thank you."

-Amanda Gentry

"You couldn't find a better guide, and someone who is so in tune with the Universe and your personal energy. Please give her a try, as I know you will not be disappointed."

-Craig Lahey

"Got a reading done and found out stuff I had no clue about, and very informative."

-Thomas Adams